We help you define an appropriate data strategy and to select the right technological stack to support it with our independent and experienced vision.

We aim for simplicity and scalability in our solutions which adapt to the needs of our clients and their vision for the future.

Architecture services

We help define the architecture that best suits your needs in cloud, on-premises or hybrid environments.
We design efficient environments to manage your data lifecycle comprising development, integration and continuous deployment requirements

Data Governance & Data Quality

Data governance is a key part of your data strategy. We are experts in designing policies, procedures and mechanisms for managing and governing data. We have experience in the most demanding regulatory environments. We believe in implementing useful, not just box-ticking processes.

Cloud Adoption & Security

We can help you design, accelerate and optimize your cloud data strategy. We know how to handle the complexity of a constantly evolving technological stack. We prioritize security and control within your infrastructure to take full advantage of the competitive advantages of cloud data architectures. We have a large team of experts specializing in different cloud environments.

It is about the definition and implementation of a global model for one of the main Spanish Financial Institutions, which guarantees the security of access to the data according to the regulations that apply in each area of ​​the different…

Adapting to the normative, regulatory and supervisory frameworks are a key factor in Financial Institutions to ensure compliance with the different transpositions of regulations and directives at the European and national level (Spain). Bluetab collaborates with the main Spanish banks…

The path of banks to be “Data driven companies” causes the volume of data to be stored and processed to grow exponentially.We carry out one of the most strategic Data projects to facilitate infrastructure scaling in one of the largest…