Information system exploitation and reporting

One of the leading Financial Institutions in the Spanish domestic market decided to perform a split of the services of its new information platform with the aim of ensuring technical-functional understanding of the various layers, as well as to ensure the level of efficiency and demand on suppliers. The latter point refers to demanding service level agreements that are measured by daily levels according to an internal ticketing process.

Within the organised services structure, we are responsible for the platform outputs, which involves developing all the information system operation and reporting projects. Our team designs the logical model, building the data extraction and transformation processes through the DataStage (IBM) product and generates the scorecards.

Within the service, user areas’ projects are addressed, mainly Risks, Commercial and Finance, as well as common services such as the administration of on-premises and cloud tools, attention to incidents and centre of excellence (or expert support).

Under this schema, the generation of reports and scorecards is “industrialised” following a well-defined working methodology that enables simplification of maintenance, speeding up of developments and delivery of a homogeneous product to the end user that conforms to the style guides defined by the institutions.

The main technologies applied for reporting are MicroStrategy and WebFOCUS; IBM DataStage and Db2 Warehouse for the processing and storage part.