Data Solutions

Your goal is to turn your organisation into a data-driven business. Bluetab's goal is to help you get there, no matter how far along the data journey you are

1. Boost your BI performance

Step 1 on your data journey. Bluetab can help you to lessen the risks and costs associated with complex BI and Big Data technology ecosystems, and enhance the infrastructure you need to become a modern organisation.

DWH design and construction

BI reports and dashboards

DataMart development: risks, regulations, trade, etc.

Boosting ETL performance

Computing, Tableau, MicroStrategy, Teradata, Qlik, Power BI, Oracle Exadata, etc.

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) definition and policing

Big Data platforms (Cloudera, Hortonworks, etc.)

Big Data metadata management

MPP and Big Data NoSQL storage systems

Best development practice and real-time data streaming (Kafka and Kinesis)

Cloud infrastructure (AWS and S3)

Python, Spark, Kibana, Hadoop, Elastic, Superset, Jupyter, S3, MongoDB, Scala, Neo4j, PostgreSQL and Rancher

2. Update your infrastructure

Step 2 on your data journey. Bluetab helps you to bring your infrastructure up-to-speed by implementing a tried and tested plan for modern data ecosystems.

3. Trust your data

Step 3 on your data journey. Bluetab can optimise your data governance, from defining your organisation and procedures to implementing proprietary and third-party solutions.

Data governance program

Expert assistance

Expert Management Module (EMM)

Data Quality (DQ)

Legal compliance

Master Data Management (MDM)

Data as a Service (DaaS)

Advanced data analysis and virtualisation

Non-local environments

Open data

Secure sensitive data protection (written on the English website)

Support for different types of users

4. Democratize your data

Step 4 on your data journey. Bluetab can help you to make your data available to everyone in your company carefully and safely.

5. Leverage your data analysis

Step 5 on your data journey. Bluetab can help you to improve your business by conducting analyses which lead to new business models and competitive advantages.

Statistical analysis

Predictive analysis and Big Data

Interactive graphics

Data and text mining

Advanced numerical calculation

Smart localisation

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