Data Solutions

Your goal is to turn your organisation into a data-driven business. Bluetab's goal is to help you get there, no matter how far along the data journey you are

1. Boost your BI performance

Step 1 on your data journey. Bluetab can help you to lessen the risks and costs associated with complex BI and Big Data technology ecosystems, and enhance the infrastructure you need to become a modern organisation.

  • barra-bluetab DWH design and construction
  • barra-bluetab BI reports and dashboards
  • barra-bluetab DataMart development: risks, regulations, trade, etc.
  • barra-bluetab Boosting ETL performance
  • barra-bluetab Computing, Tableau, MicroStrategy, Teradata, Qlik, Power BI, Oracle Exadata, etc.
  • barra-bluetab Software Quality Assurance (SQA) definition and policing

2. Update your infrastructure

Step 2 on your data journey. Bluetab helps you to bring your infrastructure up-to-speed by implementing a tried and tested plan for modern data ecosystems.

  • barra-bluetab Big Data platforms (Cloudera, Hortonworks, etc.)
  • barra-bluetab Big Data metadata management
  • barra-bluetab MPP and Big Data NoSQL storage systems
  • barra-bluetab Best development practice and real-time data streaming (Kafka and Kinesis)
  • barra-bluetab Cloud infrastructure (AWS and S3)
  • barra-bluetab Python, Spark, Kibana, Hadoop, Elastic, Superset, Jupyter, S3, MongoDB, Scala, Neo4j, PostgreSQL and Rancher

3. Trust your data

Step 3 on your data journey. Bluetab can optimise your data governance, from defining your organisation and procedures to implementing proprietary and third-party solutions.

  • barra-bluetab Data governance program
  • barra-bluetab Expert assistance
  • barra-bluetab Expert Management Module (EMM)
  • barra-bluetab Data Quality (DQ)
  • barra-bluetab Legal compliance
  • barra-bluetab Master Data Management (MDM)

4. Democratize your data

Step 4 on your data journey. Bluetab can help you to make your data available to everyone in your company carefully and safely.

  • barra-bluetab Data as a Service (DaaS)
  • barra-bluetab Advanced data analysis and virtualisation
  • barra-bluetab Non-local environments
  • barra-bluetab Open data
  • barra-bluetab Secure sensitive data protection (written on the English website)
  • barra-bluetab Support for different types of users

5. Leverage your data analysis

Step 5 on your data journey. Bluetab can help you to improve your business by conducting analyses which lead to new business models and competitive advantages.

  • barra-bluetab Statistical analysis
  • barra-bluetab Predictive analysis and Big Data
  • barra-bluetab Interactive graphics
  • barra-bluetab Data and text mining
  • barra-bluetab Advanced numerical calculation
  • barra-bluetab Smart localisation

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